Mayhem (Book)


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BRAND NEW!…The mind that brought you SHOCK FX and SHOCK MAGIC presents a new collection of offbeat magic…Andrew Mayne. Detailed in this book…UP-O-JOE-MAMA: Magic beans and a paper bag equals a quick pick-me-upper SCISSORS: A shock effect that can be presented on a moment’s notice. BUCKET HEAD: The trick that will have your audience asking, “Why is there a bucket on the magician’s head?” and more importantly, “Where did all that water come from?” SNEEZE: Blow your nose and make a brick appear. BRICK FLIGHT: A brick (can be borrowed) is caused to vanish and reappear. ELECTRIC LUNCH: Eat a light bulb (the magic way) THUMBTACK: Turn innocent office supplies into an amazing demonstration of pain control. PAPER CUT: Tear off a piece of paper and slice it into your arm. Your audience may never want to use the stuff again.

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