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Taking animation to new heights is exactly what the appropriately named Mental Amplifier will do for you!  We have rarely seen such control and amazing visual astonishment in our 35 years of magic.  EFFECT 1:  PK Straw –I magine a straw is able to move by itself inside a glass, and point to the selected card (Original effect of friend Mago Anton, called The Submarine). You can get a similar effect with other objects like a pen marker. EFFECT 2:  Crazy Paper  — You draw a happy face in a borrowed piece of paper, and make a ball with it. At your command the ball starts dancing on your hands or even in an audience member hand. You can do it with several papers and they will finally dance together. EFFECT 3: Intelligent Coin — A coin is able to find the spectators card moving like crazy when it is put on the card that was selected. OTHER EFFECTS: 1) Change the time of a watch without touching it. 2) Make little objects move, being far away from them 3) You draw a sad face in a paper and a happy face in the other side of it. You put it on a table. At your command the paper flips over and turns the sad face into a happy face MATERIALS INCLUDED: Gimmick (fits inside many places, like a card box, remote Control Unit, and battery charger.  IMPORTANT POINTS: • Can be used in many different effects and situations / it is a very versatile gimmick. • Can be used with or without remote Control Unit. • Can be used everywhere. • Gimmick with rechargeable battery. • Controlled by micro-processor and highly integrated electronics. • It is very easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation!

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