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This is an item that was rare for Mikame, meaning it wasn’t produced at all in the volume like most of his products.  When most think of Mental Board from Mikame they are thinking of his version of Mental Epic. This is another Mental Board that falls under the Drawing Duplicity and/or Peeking Device.

Performance incredible feats of clairvoyance, mental magic easily. Hand the clipboard with a piece of paper attached to a participant and ask them to write something that comes to their mind. It could be numbers, letters, words or a sketch.   After they are finished have them remove the paper that they wrote on, fold it and put it into his pocket.  After which you retrieve the board stating that neither the audience (if there is one of course) or myself can possible know what you wrote – correct?  Next you place a new paper under the clip of the board and show the front surface of the board to the audience stating that you are going to write here using clairvoyance, exactly what it was that you wrote.

Drawing Duplicity is always a strong player and with this utility you can achieve exactly that.

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