Mental Epic Victorian


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Beautiful Close Up or Parlor Version! 

Solid walnut and brass with chalkboard front and back. Completely examinable! Completely quiet and has self-locking mechanism. Chalkboard Measures 8.5 x 6.5 inches in size. Comes with Victorian display stand, burlap bag, box of chalk and chalk sharpener included. Unit has custom-made brass knobs, covers and clips. Special gaffed bicycle deck included.

A small chalkboard, divided into six sections, is shown sitting on an elegant stand, upon which also rests a piece of chalk. The magician lifts it off the stand and writes a predication onto the first section and covers it with a small flap. He then asks an audience member to shout out any number. He then writes this number in the section below. Next, the magician writes another prediction in the top center section and again covers it. He now asks someone to name any color and writes it in bottom section.

Last, magician writes a playing card in final top section and covers it. He then riffles through a deck of cards and asks the spectator to remember one. The name of that card is written in the final square. The magician reiterates what just happened, three separate predictions and three separate thoughts. He then hands the chalkboard to the spectator who removes the flaps himself, revealing that ALL THREE PREDICTIONS MATCH PERFECTLY!

It’s great to have this smaller size available in the highest quality materials!

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