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Special thanks to Cesaral for allowing us offer The Cesaral Mental Frisbee is a new tool for mental magicians that will allow many amazing and visual mental effects. General Effect: The audience who catches the Frisbee selects a number, a constellation, or a custom image, and you instantly know their selection

Mental reading Effect: The magician needs to select a random audience member. He throws a Frisbee to the audience and asks them to make it fly a few times so that we are all sure that the person is totally random. The Frisbee has around it zodiac symbols, and numbers. The magician asks the person that finally took the Frisbee, to see the zodiac symbols and spin the Frisbee so that his zodiac symbol points upwards. The audience member keeps the Frisbee to his chest so that nobody can see the symbol selected. The magician is able to guess the symbol. Then the magician asks the spectator to select the hour of his birth, and place the Frisbee according to it. For a second time, the magician is able to guess it.

Color Match Prediction Effect: The magician shows a sealed envelope with a prediction inside, and throws the Frisbee to the audience. The spectator who picks it up selects one of the colored stickers attached to the Frisbee and places it on the right sleeve, for example. He then throws the Frisbee at another spectator, and this new spectator selects another colored sticker and sticks it on another area of their body. This operation is done by 6 spectators. At the end, the magician calls them to the stage, opens the envelope with the prediction and a drawing of a doll with colors that match the colors that the spectators were sticking to different parts of the body appears.

Colored stickers provided.


  • New and original magic effect
  • The Frisbee is made exactly identical to an actual Frisbee, and flies like a normal Frisbee
  • The Frisbee has 12 or 6 hot areas
  • The Frisbee has been drop-tested vigorously for durability.
  • The transmission range is up to 100 meters
  • The receiver provides both vibration and display screen modes.
  • Delivered with some stickers: with animals, zodiac signs, and fruits
  • Induction charge system

Notes: Please Allow  Up to Approx. Two Weeks Production time.  Because this product has lithium batteries is must be shipped only by expedited carrier such as DHL or UPS. Estimated total shipping cost varies but is approximate $65 – $70 dollars.

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