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“This book is a wonder and goes places books on mentalism have not gone before.” – Mark Salem  


Stevens Magic is excited to have secured the exclusive distribution for this anticipated tome, adding Sidney Friedman to the long list of distinguished mentalist working exclusively with Stevens Magic.  At the urging over the years from many in the mentalist community, Sidney Friedman will finally release his first and only book MENTAL HIGH NOTES a limited edition book of 175 copies, No Digital Option.  The contents forthwith which will reveal some of the most coveted material from his 26 years as a working mentalist… And to answer your question – YES it will also include the full inside scoop on how to do “PROPLESS predictions.”

Mental High Notes - Sidney Friedman

There are several fine propless mind reading effects these days, but no propless prediction effects. Yes, as Sidney has done on the TODAY SHOW, on THE VIEW and hundreds of other TV and radio shows, you will learn how to make news predictions with no boxes, no envelopes, no gimmicks, no switches, and no devices. You will just state the prediction and then have a very good chance it will come to fruition. Some call it “Hurling the Headlines,” but this is more than throwing a dart and hoping it lands. He shows you all the techniques of how to greatly increase your accuracy. Imagine doing this in one of your shows, where in closing, you state three predictions of headlines, and then in time when 2 of the 3 headlines occur, imagine the resulting reputation maker you will have, the calls you’ll receive, and the increased business. Yes, increased business. Sidney knows, because it’s happened for him.

In addition, you will learn Sidney’s multiple pendulum routine called “Harmony,” which can be performed for almost any size crowd and is one of the two most raved-about pieces of his show. It’s a thing of beauty and it will move your audience not only by awing them but by giving them something meaningful they’ll talk about for weeks and months afterward.

Here’s more of the book’s contents…

Sidney also reveals his “Propless Preshow” techniques for gaining information about people at the venue without anything written or chosen. You can create miracles with these covert techniques. Again, nothing is written or chosen, yet at the performance venue you’ll (legally) attain pieces of information about people which can be revealed during your show.

There’s much more too, including a chapter called “Art in Error,” about a concept which massively elevates the realism and effectiveness of your performances to (as the book’s title states) a mental high note. This one chapter is one of the most lauded parts of the book by those who have previewed it. Imagine your audience having an emotional connection with you and your abilities which lasts for years to come. Then imagine the resulting business which comes from this connection.

Sidney Friedman openly stating his news predictions on the TODAY SHOW with what turned out to be 100% accuracy, including the OSCARS, celebs and the economy.

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