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Crafted From Organic Hard Woods By Louie Gaynor!

Crafted by Louie Gaynor using exotic woods including cocobolo ends. What you are left with is without question the finest quality crafted mental logs from organic hard wood. Each individual stick takes 8 hours from start to finish. At four sticks per set, that makes 32 hours for each unit – because Louie does it by HAND! In a world of superfluous, artificially bolstered propaganda, smart consumers should be skeptical, however in this case – it’s 100% true.  Louie Gaynor has a passion for crafting magic. The style is rustic and antiqued which provides a richness and character like no other previous versions of this classic effect.

Effect: Performer displays four wood rods with different numbers on all sides. Spectator is invited to toss the rods and assemble them, and then total the numbers on a calculator. The performer calls out the total of the numbers even before the spectator has managed to enter a single number on the calculator. Can be repeated as often as you like, with a different result, because mathematically there are 6,144 different totals possible. The effect can also be performed with 1,2,3, or all four rods, and there are literally several thousand different totals.

Can also be performed where the performer writes a prediction on paper arpprox. 10 seconds after the spectator has thrown the rods. The spectator uses the calculator to add up the numbers and shows the correct total to the mentalist. The spectator then turns over the mentalist prediction which amazingly has the EXACT same number!

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