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Mental Logs Outdone is one of the most coveted items from Brian’s quality line – is available from Stevens Magic. These are incredible! Each stick in fine English pewter! Mental logs are the most beautiful, practical and durable set in the world! Hand crafted, finished and detailed in finest English (lead free) pewter, not only do they look stunning (and classy), they will last a lifetime. They come complete with an outstanding routine that not only gets everyone present involved, but also allows you to give out 4 business cards at each performance and predict the rear of the logs as a kicker finish!

Exceptional quality, which you will immediately recognize when you hold them in your hands. The set weighs in at an impressive 6.4 ounces! Comes with instructional DVD and leather carrying case.

Anything Brian Watson does – is top notch!  He’s one of our favorite producers in the art of magic!  He’s constantly adding new life to classics and has the rare ability to put concepts into motion while at the same time making sure the quality from production to product is tops!  – Joe Stevens

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7 reviews for Mental Logs Outdone – Brian Watson

  1. [email protected]

    By far the most attractive Mental Logs out there. You know the effect, it’s been around for a long time. What Brian adds is a unique and truly beautiful set of logs. I love quality work, as anyone who knows me will tell you, and these are that in spades. At first I almost didn’t want to use them and just keep them for display. But that soon ended and out they came. Every spec who touched them gave them a thorough looking over and more often than not commented on how nice they were. Brian gives you a sure fire routine with them and the instructional video is exceptional. They are a bit pricey, but the price is more than fair for what you get and they will last you a lifetime. They come with a nice leather pouch which is very handy. Do you really want wood logs? Really?

  2. wayne

    The mental logs are one of most prized effects, it fits in my pocket and packs a real punch.
    beautifully crafted and produced.
    they look amazing and after the effect the spectators all want to look and feel them.
    100% amazing

  3. gerdel (verified owner)

    I received my Mental Logs Yesterday and I am so amazed at the quality of construction and the ease with the secret that makes it work so effortlessly. This is an amazing effect and one that plays big in any crowd.

  4. daren

    Absolutely stunning effect and a brilliant piece of kit, the set is so well made and they come with a beautiful leather wallet to keep them protected, I have used this effect to great success and also allows you to hand out your biz cards during the course of the routine!! Top class!!!

  5. [email protected]

    Really wonderful items to own and use – this is a genuine real worker. I incorporated a variation on the classic effect many years ago using a home-made set – however following a recommendation via a well respected performer it was evident that the quality of these could open up not only newer presentation possibilities, but be conversation piece and joy to present in themselves.

  6. FlashBangDelta1 (verified owner)

    Outstanding, extreme high-quality prop. Using the mental logs outdone is far more entertaining and interactive for spectators, than simply doing the routine on paper or a board. Also, this set is much more professional looking than the other small, cheap aluminum or tin versions. I love this set and tested it on my family as soon as I received it. We had so much fun with it. Thanks to Brian Watson for doing this right, and to SME for making them available. Definitely worth the price. I will use these for a lifetime, and then pass them down. They’ll last forever.

  7. smagic32 (verified owner)

    I just received my new set, they look very classy. The rods have a nice weight to them (not cheap my any means). The concept is astonishing. You will understand th principle within minutes of watching the dvd. An 8 yr old could perform this trick! That is how easy the method is so you can concentrate on the presentation. Highly recommended. The only little complaint is the leather wallet, I am concerned that the flap will not stay on well. For that reason 4.5 stars out of 5.

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