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“This is the trifecta!  Tony Curtis, Brian Watson and Magic Wagon!  Enough said….”  – Joe Stevens 

Two of our dear friends from the UK, working in tandem with another group of friends from Thailand (Magic Wagon), have put together another Tony Curtis limited edition collector set.  Tony Curtis, for good reason worked with his fellow countryman Brian Watson (creator of the Blackpool magician club’s – Murray Award), choosing to include one of Brian’s commercial winners  into his signature collector’s series.  Tony as in the past, also wored with respected craftsman Magic Wagon who added their contribution to this latest production.  This is a piece that ever serious performer and collector should consider.

Effect: Four elegant pewter logs with varying numbers on all four sides are removed from a beautiful faux leather box. A spectator is asked to mix them up and then to place them back inside the box vertically and aligned together.

The performer now writes down a prediction and the spectator is asked to add up the four horizontal rows of numbers using a calculator.

  • The spectator now reveals the total for the four rows of numbers on the logs which perfectly matches the performers prediction.
  • The effect can be repeated with a different outcome each time.
  • The performer predicts the correct total way before the spectator can do so.
  • No memory or complicated calculation work is required by the performer.
  • Each set of Mental Logs Outdone are hand made, finished and polished by Brian Watson.
  • Comes complete with online video & written instructions.
  • Limited Edition Only 100 Box Sets Available Worldwide.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand and Brian Watson England.

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