Mental Photography Deck – DVD and Blue Deck- Primi

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A deck is shown to be completely blank on both sides. Without switching the deck, it becomes a real, full color deck. Make spectators believe you mentally thought of the deck and turned the blank cards into faces and backs with your mind! Along with your deck you will receive an instructional DVD and printed instructions!

Featured on this DVD:

-The Classic Routine of the Mental Photography Deck

-Mechanics of the Deck – Learn how this deck is setup!

-Mental Invisible Deck – The only card selected appears in the deck!

-Heated – A card turns blank right in the spectator’s hand!

-Which Pile? – Which pile is the printed pile or are they all blank?

-Vanishing Selection – Spectator’s card magically appears face up!

-Color Change – The card magically prints before your eyes!

-Illustrated Deck – Make your deck come to life!

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