Mentalism, Incorporated, Volume 2 (Book)


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Mentalism, Incorporated: Volume Two continues and expands upon the philosophy and perspectives presented in the highly acclaimed Mentalism, Incorporated from Chuck Hickok. The purpose of this book is to help the reader become a better, more entertaining mentalist. Volume Two combines proven suggestions for performing mentalism along with easy to learn routines. Volume Two begins with the first serious examinations of forces for mentalism in fifty years along with six strategies for effectively using forces in a mentalism act. Volume Two continues with fourteen essays on mentalism that were previously available to only the world’s top mentalists. Each essay contains practical ideas and thought-provoking questions for the serious mentalist. Volume Two concludes with detailed instructions for performing three strong audience-tested mentalism routines… revealing the secrets that make each routine so powerful and entertaining. Like Mentalism Incorporated, this is a book you will want to read more than once. “Readers of Mentalism Incorporated will greatly enjoy this companion edition. It picks right up were the first volume left off. This is something Chuck Hickok fans will both benefit from and take delight in. The adventure continues.” – Richard Busch “When it comes to delivering Mentalism as solid corporate entertainment, no one does it better.” – Lee Earle “Like the first volume of Mentalism, Incorporated, this book gives you proven, crystal clear advice on what it takes to be a successful mentalist. This book has many practical suggestions not found in other mentalism books. If you use the ideas in this book, you will be a better, more entertaining performer.” – Barrie Richardson

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