Mentalism – Teach-In Series (DVD) Greater Magic Video


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THESE ARE IN-STOCK AND READY TO SHIP FROM THE GREATER MAGIC VIDEO LIBRARY (GMVL)! The fourteenth volume in the series that is respected as the most professional Teach-In Series in the art of magic! A completely different form of magical entertainment that for many years was shunned by magicians. Today, ace Mentalist effects are a part of every magicians act and prove to be just as popular as a complete magic act.

Showcased on this new Teach-In are:

  • T.A. Waters
  • Larry Becker
  • Finn Jon
  • Aldo Colombini
  • Joe Stevens

T.A. Waters, honed his magic skills by working with Robert Nelson Enterprises back in those early days and studied the art of Mentalism. Larry Becker has that creative mind that keeps up with our ever-changing world with topical mental mousetraps. Not enough can be said about this modern day Mentalist! Finn Jon…Always has been one of the top magical creators in our art and here he has turned his talents into mind boggling mental effects.

You will be fooled! Aldo Colombini…A master of magical and mental effects. This talent can do anything and everything well. Get ready to use what he performs and teaches you in your own act. Joe Stevens…During 50 years in magic and its allied arts Joe has learned some of the Golden Oldies and presents some of the most fantastic antiques of the mentalism world for all to enjoy.


“I have been a customer of Stevens Magic for many years and recently purchased your “Mentalism Teach-In” DVD. I found at least 3 effects I will add to my act. I especially liked Joe Stevens’ presentation of the antique props from his collection. Thanks for the great products and years of excellent service!” –Walter Burrows, Jr

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