Mentalist’s Dream Box by Max Krause – ADDED BONUS EFFECT!


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When looking for billet boxes, I think this is as close to a dream as you can get it. Max Krause did an amazing job in the design of this bad boy for sure. I’ve owned lots of billet boxes and prediction boxes and this one and the Dr. Q are the only ones I still currently own, which says a lot for how perfect it is!

Effect: This device has a lot of flexibility and can be used for many routines but here is a description of the Lottery Prediction effect. The performer hands out 60 cards each with a different number on them as well as dry erase markers. Each person is asked to cover up their number by using the marker. All of the numbers are then placed in the box held by another spectator. The box is brought on stage and the spectator is asked to unlock and open it. Six more spectators are then invited on stage and each is asked to remove one color from the box.

The performer than explains the odds of finding all six numbers. He then asks the spectators to reveal the numbers by wiping away the dry erase. There is a prediction that has been in plain view the entire performance, which is opened and shown to match the audience’s selections exactly! Next stop Powerball!!

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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