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“A wonderful compilation of easy to perform, direct effects. It is easy to see that these have indeed been used in real time situations and not just a series of pipe dreams. Not only that, they get one’s own creative juices flowing.”- Banachek

“Kudos to Dennis for putting the emphasis on classical routines.  Like a good gourmet chef, Dennis has achieved momentum in cooking up powerful, hard-hitting, high-pact mentalism routines.”  – Neal Scryer

”I’m really impressed by Dennis Hermanzo’s new book Mentalized! In this work you will find new takes on well known principles. These routines are very well staged and of big entertainment value!” – Luca Volpe

In his second book, Dennis has adapted further brilliant principles from some of the best in our community. Mentalized is a beautifully produced and illustrated large size book, with practical, creative and diabolical material that you will easily fit to your own style of performing. Not only is this a great addition to any discerning mystery performers library, but one that you will likely find yourself referring back to” Steve Drury. (Co-Founder of PSYCRETS British Society of Mystery Entertainers.)

If you are a mentalist who loves fancy gimmicks – new groundbreaking principles or sleights – this book is not for you! But, if you want a book for mentalists that is practical and features audience-tested material—this is it!

Mentalized features 16 powerful routines all based on classical principles in mentalism. No pipe dreams here! No expensive apparatus needed. All easy to carry. Simple, but powerful effects. Everyday items used. Strong personal and direct effects. This stuff will hit your audience hard!

Dennis Hermanzo - Mentalism

Learn to use verbal intelligence to achieve minor miracles with a minimum of props. This book includes effects/routines for stage and close-up alike with: blindfolds, predictions, telepathy, intuition, mind control, a killer addition to any book test, two effects containing roses that will produce a deep, emotional impact on your female audience members,.  Dennis’s versions of how equivoque should be done, routines where the mentalist apparently is in danger and where the spectator makes all the choices (yet the performer is not in danger at all). All in classical mentalism style. All the routines featured within provide clear instructional and understanding of what is needed, (the set-up and execution, etc.).

You also get some small essays about Dennis’s views on mentalism and what to do before, after and when you hit the stage!

Here are the chapters in the book:

  • Hit The Lights, My Thoughts.
  • Personality Number Five.
  • The Karma Rose.
  • Intuition Has Spoken.
  • Project And Receive.
  • Smell The Rose.
  • To Beer or Not To Beer.
  • Control, A Women’s Touch.
  • The Crumpled Magic 8 Ball.
  • Head Or Gut.
  • The Mind’s Eye.
  • Have A Coke And A Tear.
  • Sophie’s Choice.
  • Cheers.
  • Album Of The Week .
  • One Of A Kind.
  • My Views, About the Author and The End.

Hardbound featuring 231 pages chock full of illustrations, images, photos and content.  Edited by: Bill Trotter.  Published by Stevens Publishing 2017.

About the Author: Dennis Hermanzo is a Danish mentalist and musician in his forties who has been a mind-reader for more than 20 years. For those that have never heard of him previously, there is a very good reason. Dennis made the decision early to “not” venture into the magic fraternity or art.  That is why to date, he is not a member of any free online forums. Neither is he a member of magic clubs because he doesn’t perform for magicians—only lay people.  Last year Dennis enjoyed the successful release of his first book – Mentalism From Copenhagen – which was distributed world-wide. It was received with great enthusiasm from amateurs as well as professional mentalists! This is his second release in the art of mystery.

From Jeff’s Marketplace of the Mind.  **JHEFF’S GUIDE**

WHAT IT IS: Hardcover book, 8.5″ x 11″ (approx.)

HOW ACCURATE OR COMPLETE THE BLURB IS: It’s as accurate as you need.

JHEFF’S JUDGMENT: Like his first book, MENTALISM FROM COPENHAGEN, this book contains even more solid, fresh material from Dennis’s performance repertoire.  Without question, I recommend this book for those looking for fresh ideas and practical routines.

Like his first book, MENTALISM FROM COPENHAGEN, this book contains even more solid, fresh material from Dennis’s performance repertoire.  This does not mean that there is an abundance of groundbreaking, must-have material, but there are, as you may expect me to say, fresh looks at standard plots and gimmicks.  Dennis certainly understands the simplicity of mentalism and the complexity of performing it.

And, like the first book, Dennis includes a few essays on mentalism and performing mentalism that are filled with solid wisdom.  But the main focus of the book is on Dennis’ routines and his thinking behind them.

The table of contents is accurately listed in the blurb.  You can see that there is a variety of effects and they do contain a variety of props, so there’s something for everyone.  Without question, I recommend this book for those looking for fresh ideas and practical routines.


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