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This box contains 150 pellets of clear wax, perfectly suited for use with Yigal Mesika reels and other invisible thread products including the Spider Pen and Tarantula. What makes this wax so special is not just the fact Yigal has found the perfect formula and consistency, but also engineered a cleverly designed box puts the wax right at your fingertips. Just press on the top of the box to open, or squeeze the sides to close.

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2 reviews for Mesika Wax

  1. Spencer Brock

    Best wax on the market. I use it for my Tarantula all the time.

  2. Jeff Black

    This the best wax that you can get if you are a magician. Everything from the tin to the pieces of wax themselves were made to be convenient for magicians. It really does make all the difference in your life once you use it, I can’t go back to unrelenting blocks of wax that don’t stick now that I use this!

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