Mesmerizing Magic! (Daniels) (DVD)

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Simple and stunning magic anyone can do!  Be a star at the bar, cool at school or a winner at dinner!  How would you like to be the life and soul of the party? …the special person that everyone is keen to talk to? …attracting the attention of the opposite sex easily?  These are just some of the benefits that could come your way after watching and learning Paul Daniels’ “Mesmerizing Magic”.  

Discover the secrets that will enable your to…  • Make everyday objects vanish into thin air!  • Perform the most incredible, eye-popping card tricks!  • Make the face on a bank note seem to come alive!  • Pass a pen through the middle of a note without harming it!  • Make objects change places before your eyes!  And much, much more!  When you discover these secrets, you will be the center of attention, the talk of the town!  You can throw away all those old chat up lines, you won’t need them anymore.  Stop worrying about how to amuse the kids for hours on end.  Get everyone crowding around you at the bar, offering to buy you another drink, and begging you to show them how you do the amazing tricks.  Running Time:  50 minutes.


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