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Modernising cartomancy into a newer, more fresh and exciting way – that is honest, open, and entertaining. Long gone are the days of the psychic, esoteric dressings, and the NLP and psychologically driven illusionist are quite frankly, just as unbelievable too. So this book is written with mentalists and magicians alike who want to entertain, and add some imaginatory driven playing card readings to their work. Easy to learn, engaging and emotionally relevant for those that you perform for. Adaptable to many, many mentalism and magic plots too.

iian dunford mentalist

dave moses
“I’ve read this.
I’ve used it.
I’ll continue to use it.”

Richard Webster…
“I’ve read your Metaph Oracle three times now, and learned a great deal each time. I love the imagination approach to readings. I love your three card reading format. I love the ******* (that’s not swearing, but an element of the process) idea, and also love the reaction these readings create in others. You’ve removed the whole “fortune telling” aspect of the reading, and created a process of mutual discovery. The readings are enchanting, magical, helpful, and inspirational. I’m going to use your system regularly.

Congratulations! This is a major advance in cartomancy, and should feel very proud. Thank you very much once again. I hope you do really well with this.”

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