Metal Eclipse by Tristan Mory – DVD

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In this DVD, Tristan MORY is proposing unique coin magic tricks and for that he had created new techniques, which will be explained in full details for the first time.

You may be thinking you already know everything about coin magic…Fasten your seat belt. It will probably shake you badly!!! He was able to push his quest, well beyond conventional borders, and lead to an amazing result…He opened some never explored paths…and that’s just a beginning!!!

•Empty Hand
•Matrix Evaporation
•Metal Eclipse
•Chemical Flower
•Hyper Production
•Matrix 450
•Frap Change
•Spanked Matrix

Influenced by video-art, feel free to appreciate the show and the unconventional world of Tristan MORY through a short film directed like a meditative journey!12 effects not to be discarded!!! All explained in full details in a French or English version.


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