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Comes with extra Phone Covers an Added Value of $20.00 For FREE!


In August of 2018 Calen Morelli and João Miranda met in Las Vegas for the first time.

João had heard Calen was carrying around a black briefcase with never before seen methods inside.

This is where Calen showed João his prototype for his metal phone routine.

Once back in Portugal, the obsessive mind of João Miranda took this concept and engineered an internal locking mechanism that took this beautiful routine to a level some might say borderlines a piece of art.

This was an unexpected collaboration that brought about a truly amazing offering to the magic community.

Metal Phone is a state of the art gimmick that allows the performer to create a reality shattering moment using a borrowed bill or credit card and what appears to be a normal phone.

⁃ Each Metal Phone is built in 304 AISI Stainless Steel, meaning it will not get stained overtime and will stay forever with the same beautiful finish.

⁃ Patent pending locking system that only with an external tool allows the effect to reset and be performed again.

⁃ The manufacturing process of each Metal Phone is very complex taking over 2 days of machinery work + 1 day of hand labor to finish.

⁃ Metal Phone is very easy to perform right outside the box

Metal Phone is much more than your traditional magic trick. It is piece of art that you will be proud to own.
Comes complete with the gimmick, silicone case with slit and five camera stickers.
Metal phone is designed by Calen Morelli and engineered by João Miranda.

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