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Poetic, visual and beautiful! Those were the words spoken when we watched the JL video and that is what your audience will think when you perform using the Metamorphosis ball. This effect does exactly what you think it would, “morphing” into the shape of a ball in many ways. How you choose to do this, is entirely up to you and some of the possible ways are listed below.

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Crafted from the finest medical grade silicone material and then individually treated to apply a customized special surface, which insures you the highest quality that we strive for at JL Magic. As a result of the above features, the benefits are a professional prop that is exceptionally easy to hold and manipulate in your hand with security. As will all JL Magic manipulation balls they are easy to wash and clean.

The Metamorphosis Ball can be incorporated with other classic effects, such as a vanishing wand as seen in the video. It’s the perfect “segue” piece – which from a visual standpoint is the crucial theory in magic. The wand vanishes, turning in pedal, which then morphs into the ball. A personal favorite (as shown in the performance video), is taking a flower and plucking a pedal from it, and then visual morphing the pedal into the ball!

Perfect to use for vanishes and appearances and many other applications limited to your imagination. This prop stands strong on its own, but using in conjunction with other classic effects, you probably already own (or are readily available), and you have the visual definition of synergy and magic!

Specs: Just under 2″ in diameter or 5cm.

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