Michael Close Dollar Bill


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The effect that is too incredible to believe – Michael Close’s Dollar Bill (aka Rubik’s Dollar Bill). Stevens Magic has sold this effect exclusively for many years and it’s a winner! I remember watching Michael pitch this item at various conventions, and how well he did with it. Michael is a brilliant thinker and this effect proves it! You won’t believe your eyes!

Effect: A dollar bill is folded inside a playing card and a toothpick is stuck through penetrating the card and the dollar. Now the toothpick has anchored both the card and the bill, they are locked together – right? Wrong! What happens next is uncanny – unbelievably, the bill is pulled back and forth! You actually “see” the bill moving back and forth, yet the toothpicks penetrate the bill and the card! At the end, the toothpick is removed, and then the card covering the bill and guess what? There are no tears, and no puncture marks! How can that be? This effect provides an additional option that will allow you to hand out the bill afterwards – if desired. No skill required. Complete with bill, cards, toothpicks, plastic wallet and exceptionally detailed routine and instructions by Michael Close, illustrations by Chris Kenner and Homer Liwag.

Well worth not only the great routine, but the precision custom made gimmick!  Micheal Close Dollar Bill.  


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