Midas Cups by Collector’s Workshop


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Original vintage Collector’s Workshop, as label feaatures original address in Virginia.  These cups are heavy duty, and as such are built to last. Poetry in Motion. One of the classiest coin-transpositions ever offered. Elegant and sure-fire, with a killer ending!

Effect: Three U.S. half-dollars invisibly travel from one silver goblet to the other in a beautifully choreographed routine presented by World Summit Award Winner Al Cohen. The routine ends with a shower of dimes! The cups are handled in a casual manner; the routine designed to entertain and amaze. No palming or other sleights. Simple Magic made even simpler by our unique and elegant props. Fully mechanical in nature; The cups may be examined or handled by spectators.

Comes complete with detailed instructions, beautiful Silver-plated champagne fluted cups, special coins, final load gimmick. Condition is good, this is from the original CW line..

It does have some Houdini Marks on it and the price is lowered accordingly.

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