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UGMdeckFinally – after what seems to be forever, but was only about 4 months – this highly coveted manipulation deck from UGM is back! Not only is it back, it’s 2 millimeters longer then before at 2.4″ x 3.5″ or  6. 6.2×9cm. This is the only deck in the history of Stevens Magic, that people have ordered 24 of, at one time. This is the deck preferred by many manipulators and magicians’s worldwide, hands down – due to the exacting feel and weight.

This deck is Absolutely Required for Card Manipulation!  In addition to the usual 54 cards , add ten extra cards ( spade A, spade 5 , Heart 4 , Heart 8 , Club 3 , Club 7 , diamond 2 , diamond 6 , blank face two ) . This provides you with a total of A total of 64 card sheets! Each set with a single card thickness  of only about .40 or 1cm!  That means you will be able to produce A LOT more cards!  Size: about 2.4″ by  3.5″ or 6.2 × 9cm (approximate).

Note: manual is not included comes only with deck.  You won’t be disappointed. Suggest consideration of fanning powder if required.

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