Million Dollar Prediction Plus


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AKA: Dr. Jaks Style Billet Knife

Inspired by the Jaks Billet Knife, Joe Porper and Pete Biro combined to design a modern, classic letter opener, gaffed to deliver a billet into a sealed envelope – UNDETECTABLY.  That is exactly what they have achieved with this device and this is the latest version certified to be genuine Joe Porper. The latest batch features gold coloring, (however future batches made revert to silver). Regardless of the color you get both a gimmicked and a non-gimmicked version. Also included is a detailed description on how to prepare the envelopes. In fact several envelopes of the same size and type are also included to get you started.

Joe has brought back to market the perfect tool for the mentalist, a billet knife that instantly loads a sealed envelope with a prediction. Made famous by Al Koran’s Million Dollar Mystery, this knife is made in the form of an innocent, quality letter opener.

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