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MIND WISE is a creative and entertaining Mind-Bending Mentalism from psychic entertainer and award winner, Richard Mark. Richard is the author of Mind Warp, Mind Work and coauthor of Maurice Fogel, In Search of the Sensational. Marc Salem’s comments provide enriching material to say the least. He has created 35 audience tested methods, presentations and much more.

You can influence and control audience thoughts and actions proven with a statement written before your performance and held by a volunteer. Mentally receive and describe and describe not just a word from a book but an entire paragraph – then give the book away!Prove that an audience volunteer can mentally receive an image that you have drawn and was never viewed by them. Perform a chair test that is direct and easy to accomplish but extraordinarily deceptive. Execute a direct Q & A that will deceive and entertain your audience.

“Mind Wise by Richard Mark is an absolute treasure trove of amazing mentalism. Richard runs the gamut from close-up to parlor and stage with methods that range from classic to new age. His close friend and associate Marc Salem has provided his own commentaries, giving readers an even more detailed look into these mysteries. Richard has published superb writings for mentalists for several decades now. His newest work revisits some of his finest work and updates them with fine results, but that is only part of the book., There are so many new routines and ideas here. These routines and concepts are not pipe dreams…this is real material for the working world and if you don’t find something here to add to your own repertoire, you didn’t actually read the book. My favorite part of the book is Chapter 4 – Psychic Entertainment and the Psychology of Power. With Richard’s background as a Psychiatrist, he has given the world of mystery entertainers an amazing tool to analyze and develop your performing persona and enable you to better communicate with your audiences. Bravo Richard!” –  Marc DeSouza

“Richard Mark, one of mentalism’s most prolific and thoughtful creators, has published a book that is packed with the type of entertaining and mystifying routines that will keep wise mentalists delighted for years. Among my favorites are a deliciously clever routine in which the spectator successfully duplicates a target design that the performer has given him in a sealed envelope, a new and very clean chair test, and a Maurice Fogel-based Russian roulette which is both harrowing and completely safe. The analysis of performance psychology cannot fail to help improve your presentation of Psychic Entertainment. Furthermore, the great Marc Salem has provided insightful afterthoughts and commentaries to many of the routines. You really can’t go wrong reading Mind Wise, not when two very wise minds have created it for you.”Bob Baker

“If you’re looking for practical methods for mentalism, Richard Mark’s Mind Wise certainly delivers with new techniques as well as updates to his previously published ideas. But where this book really shines is in its fresh take on presentational hooks that bring new life to mentalism plots we may have grown accustomed to. Richard reels in the audience quickly and succinctly with an interesting and creative premise to get the them on board leaving room for the performer to focus on delivering wonder. Throughout the book, Marc Salem’s commentaries provide additional presentations ideas to further fuel the fire of your own creative exploration. Inside, you’ll also find Richard’s in depth look at the psychological relationships between the performer and the audience to learn how these relationships can be exploited or subverted for maximum effect. It would be certainly be wise of you to check out Mind Wise!”Eric Dittelman

Mind Wise Review – Linking Ring Magazine – Rolando Santos
Richard Mark with commentaries by Marc Salem. Available from www.stevensmagic.com. 8 x 5 paper- back, 170 pages.

Two luminaries in the field of mentalism and psychic entertainment, Richard Mark and Marc Salem, have combined their talents to produce a thought-provoking book of effects that deepens the understanding of how to present the kind of mentalism that will leave an audience astounded. Mark has created thirty-five audience- proven effects which are presented with his brilliant scripting and deft touch for evoking a moment of mystification from an audience. Many of the effects are revised with updated scripting or psycho- logical approaches to his award-winning and bestselling effects, such as the best- selling Key Warper and Target Telepathy.

The material itself is enough to merit a highly recommended rating. What takes this book beyond any book on performing mentalism that you may have are the commentaries by another stellar mentalism performer, Marc Salem. After reading how Mark presents an effect, Salem adds his thoughts as to how Mark approached the moment of astonishment and makes his own presentation suggestions. The added comments may center on technique, presentation ideas, or psychology. The result is a book that provides a performer with varied points of view on a specific effect that leads the performer on an unexpected examination of the philosophy of the presentation.

For me, the most thought-provoking chapters also had some of my favorite effects, in order of preference being Chapter 9: Mental Influence, Chapter 2: Mind Twists, and Chapter 4: Entertainment and The Psychology of Power. The first effect in Chapter 9 is a classic of mentalism by Ted Annemann called Psychometric Memories. Annemann described it as “one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever conceived.” In his version, Mark explores the concept of “performing an effect for spectators on stage that has created a different and much larger impact on the observing audience.” In Chapter 2, Toy Story is an effect in which three audience members select from among cards with various toys on them. The subject matter provides the opportunity to explore a per- son’s personal memories and create an audience with common memories. In the end, the person and the audience are left with the belief that the mentalist was able to look at a moment in a person’s life and see what happened. Chapter 4 breaks down, with diagrams and scientific studies, the concept of the psychology of entertainment and how to make performances powerful, life-altering experiences.

Once I understood Mark’s approaches and the techniques to direct and control a spectator’s thoughts and actions, my own creativity just exploded. I saw the effects I was presenting in a whole new light and made changes to maximize the sense of wonder.

Mind Wise is the final book in the Mind series. The other two books, Mind Warp and Mind Work, are stellar, as well. This final book in the trilogy is the best yet.
Highly Recommended. Rolando Santos

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