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Important Note: Look for Vimeo Tip Video that provides important little tips that will help you get the most from your Mind’s Eye Deck.  Check your e-mail post purchase where you can also have access to a download that features the url address and password.  But this information will also be with the products too.

If you don’t have this effect – you should!  Stop wasting your money on empty new offerings and look in the past to find something that is NEW to you “AND” has substance! One of the greatest mentalism effects available! You’ll love performing this one. The performer displays a deck of about 40 cards. They are blank on the backs (so they cannot be marked). On the face of each card is a different simple drawing.

A deck of 40 blank backed drawings are shuffled. The performer turns his back and a spectator is instructed to cut the pack, remove the card cut to and replace the rest of the cards in their box. The spectator concentrates on the drawing on the chosen card, then pockets it. Before the performer turns around, he begins to accurately describe (or draw) the selected image.  No Force Involved!

Taking a pad of paper, the performer makes a sketch which proves to be an exact duplicate of the chosen design. A great combination from Phil Goldstein and Ton Onosaka.

Note: Copyrighted images from Andy Martin, used with permission from www.martinsmagic.com

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