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Shawn Taylor Mentalism Bundle

Mind Coaster - Sean Taylor Book

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Sean’s first book got great feedback and if you don’t have it already, you should get it! Within this book you’ll find more than 20 routines for closeup and stage and a series of “no holds barred” essays on the performance and business of mentalism. If you are a professional mentalist, you’ll be itching to try some of these techniques and if you moving from magic to mentalism this book provides not so much a road map as a GPS.

Foreword by Richard Webster. The book has 219 pages chock full of powerful, audience tested routines and effects that are mainstays in Sean’s professional act.  Included within are:

  • The Business of Mentalism
  • General Musings
  • Fruition
  • Outside the Square
  • Survivior – A Case of People Power
  • Persuasive Banknight
  • The BookMaster
  • Anchors Ahoy – The Tossed Out Deck
  • News of the World
  • The Throne Room – Chair Prediction

Stage Mentalism

  • Pineapple Surpise
  • Colossal Card Memory
  • The Puzzle of the Puzzle

Parlor Mentalism

  • Grandma’s Purse
  • Mixed Emotions
  • Time for Business
  • Mind Change

The Symbology Deck


  • Triple Coincidence
  • The Paddo Stack
  • Symbology Wow
  • Symbology Shape Shifter



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