Mini Cube-A-Libre and Bewildering Blocks Combo by Gimpy’s Magic – Nelson Estate


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Condition – Excellent!  Coupons may NOT be applicable even if accepted at check out.  Note: Images and ad copy used with permission from Andy Martin at his world famous magic website –

Ad copy below written by And Martin

Cube-A-Libra. The blocks work like a dream and you can see the tube from all sides. If you like Gimpy’s Demi Cube you will really like this effect.

I’ve owned a number of Cube-a-Libre’s over the years. The biggest problem with the basic trick is there are just too many blocks which takes a long time to perform and gets too confusing for the spectators to follow. Harries’ solution to the problem was to just have one set of 4 blocks with their Crazy Cubes. That was a great approach but the blocks were still pretty large. Gimpy himself also has a wonderful other item with just three cubes called Demi Cube which is also a beauty. But I think what Gimpy has done with his Mini Cube-A-Libra is perfect!

Effect: Remember these points:

  • They are made perfectly and the size of the tower is just 9″ high, with each cube 2″x2″ – a very manageable size.
  • The blocks and tube are made of wood and the gimmicks are made of aluminum.
  • The gimmick to control the blocks is cleverly concealed in the exterior decoration of the tube and on a simple glance you could easily see all sides of the tube without spotting anything.
  • There are no holes to cover up and hide.
  • There are only four cubes in each stack – this is easier to follow, still very magical, and easier to learn and perform.
  • The tube is created in such away that you turn the tube upside down and the gimmicks will not fall out so you can handle the tube even more freely.

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