Mini Rising by Andrew


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Mini Rising is a creation by Andrew (The Last Rise…) & Ednei Ernesto (Crazy Hole…) exclusively at Magic Dream and SOLD OUT at Blackpool 2023.

A favorite now available for you!


The Effect:

This time, the star is not you but the KING!

It is he who will find the chosen card.

In the main routine, you show a king holding a mini deck of cards in hand.

The viewer chooses a card, and then you let the magic work.

The chosen card comes out of the deck held by the king!

It’s amazing and terribly well thought out.

Wait, it’s not over, the king has abig surprise… In half a second, the card turns into another or a 100% customizable message!

A trick that will drive your audience crazy and that will add to your repertoire so cute and easy to present.


  • Possibility of double reveal of cards
  • 100% customizable card for a surprising ending
  • Complete set of gaff cards included
  • Reviewable before and after
  • Handmade and quality Gimmick
  • Very easy to present
  • An original and impactful rising

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