Mini Spirit Slates – Louie Gaynor


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These are adorable and have a aura that the larger slates don’t, in addition to be able to be carried in your pocket or transferred much easiely which allows them to be incorporated in more intimate venues as well as parlor.
Pocket-size, chalk slates made by master craftsman—Louie Gaynor. Louie pays attention to meticulous details and each and every Louie Gaynor item is hand-crafted by him personally. Carry them in your pocket for regular magic-mentalism or comedy mentalism. Slates are shown empty and a mystic-spirit message will show up on—not just one slate—but both slates at the same time!

You can’t top this for fun and magic. High quality, wood framed. “Ghostly” writing shows up on the slates that are shown completely clean at the start of your routine. Can be examined. Slates are 4.5 inches long x 4 inches wide, comes complete with chalk!

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