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Here it is! The New Mini Symbolic Method from Juan Tamariz. Study it, learn it, use it – it will serve you well young magi! Simply stated, this is a killer system that allows you to do the most complicated and difficult effects in card magic – with the greatest of ease! Of course, the system works also with easy and intermediate effects too! You ask – “Mark – how in the world is this possible?” The answer is visualization! By using symbols that are visual, international, exact and quick! For those of you familiar with Phil Goldstein’s “Mind’s Eye Deck,” you know what were talking about. For those of you not familiar with Mind’s Eye Deck – buy one! It’s awesome! In short, these systems usually use group symbols to form pairs; an example of this might be one arrow pointing up and another arrow point down (both are arrows, both they are also in their own way unique).

Imagine we have four cards, one is a picture of a square, the other and “X”, the other two cards are both arrows; only one is pointing up and the other is pointing down (with a mark showing what is the top of each card). In this case, the two arrows would be a match. They are the two most likely matching symbols in this illustration. If we see one arrow card, we can easily infer from memory (it’s match), the other arrow card. What makes this new book better is Juan has made it much easier then the more complicated symbolic methods he published in the past. With the new “mini symbolic system,” you can learn to read, interpret and write down tricks in as little as a few hours! These groupings are so logical and easy to understand that there is almost NOTHING to memorize or figure out. All you have to do – study it, learn it and it will serve you well young magi! The booklet is 8 X 6 with 11 pages.

A small price to pay for such a powerful system!

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