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The deck Michael Skinner used for the PERFECT OUT!  For GOOD reason.  This SKU is the BLUE Back.

Absolutely adorable. Miniature Bicycle Decks always have and always will have a novelty to them that appeals to layman and magicians alike. Simply bringing one out gets an immediate positive reaction. The possibilities are limited to one’s fertile imagination. This little deck is really and truly the magicians real insurance policy when a card effect goew awry…. You can produce this little back up that is neatly tucked in your shirt or jacket pocket and save yourself using it as the revealation.

We have sold a lot of card decks in our 46-year history at Stevens Magic not doubt the Invisible Deck is possibly number ONE! I believe one of the reasons is of all the gimmicked decks used for our primary target – individuals who have been in the art of magic for several years – this is the preferred deck that is ordered usually by the same customer, again and again….

Often incorrectly marketed solely to neophytes (beginners), it is a deck that even magic celebrities incorporate, included but not limited to David Blaine.

Effect: You ask the spectator to THINK of any card in the deck. Don’t say it yet, just think it. You tell them to imagine that random card reversed – face down – in a face up deck. At this point the magician offers the spectator the chance to change their mind and think of a different card if so desired. It is truly a free thought. The magician explains that he has turned “one” card face-down in this deck – only “ONE” card. At this point he asked the spectator to verbally announce the name of the card they choose. The spectator replies – ‘Queen of Hearts.’

Magician reiterates the spectator had a chance to change his mind yet choose this one card and then proceeds to produce a deck and ribbon spread it face-up so that all cards can be seen except for one, which is the only card that is face-down in the deck.

If desired the magician can ask to the spectator to view the face-up cards and look for their card, but upon doing so, the spectator is unable to find it – surely – the one card that is face-down can’t be the spectator’s chosen card – right? Wrong! In fact, as it turns out the only card that was face-down in the face-up spread deck indeed IS the spectator’s freely thought of card.

This is nothing less than a miracle in your pocket.  Easy to perform and carry and good for table hopping or any close-up event. Can you immediately repeated.

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