Miniature Crystal Ball with Stand – Louie Gaynor


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Auke Van Dokkum provided us with his miniature cups and balls – in THREE sizes in fact!  When this happened we had readers and mentalists storm Stevens Magic demanding representation for the love of all things “MINI!”  So, we asked our top craftsman – Louie Gaynor to produce a limited number of these little pieces and he delivered!  How he did it – I’ll never know, as he actually crafted each of the stands from walnut! For this reason, these are very limited.  Each unit is about 3/4 an inch.  Base is 1 3/4″ wide.  Height of base is 1.” Note: the ball is not real crystal, it is acrylic and measures approx. 1/2″ of an inch round.  Each base is personally signed by a man who has made some of the most beautiful magic apparatus we have ever seen.

Note: Item does “not” come with tarot card used in the photo.

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