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FREE with any order $50 or more! This offer NOT valid with ANY OTHER SME Promotion(s) and/or coupons. The $50 total MUST come from regularly priced products.  Discounted, Estate items, antiques and/or clearance items do “not” count towards achieving the $50 minimum. Only ONE FREE unit per customer, per order – regardless of total amount spent.   In other words, if we offer a variety of free products with a minimum purchase, you must choose only one of the options (and equally are only eligible for one unit of that chosen product). You MUST add the item to your cart – it is NOT given automatically with any order over the required dollar amount. Other limitations may apply. 

This is a classic piece of apparatus that I first discovered in my fathers magic room probably in the mid 1970’s. As a young boy I had a great childhood viewing the most unusual props and effects from Joe’s collection that was every growing to the point the entire basement was full of magic. I think this item originated from Germany, however, it is important to state this model that we are offering is not the German model. German models from that ear sell upwards of $75 +! Since then many manufactures have made it. If you enjoy micro-magic, or table magic, as we do, this is a chance to get this effect at a great price. Granted this model won’t appraise in your collection, but it will provide the same level of jaw dropping entertainment.

EFFECT: Start by showing 6 different numbered dice inside a small box. You then ask someone in the audience to toss the die. You open the box. Amazing but true…..all the dice in the box match the number that was tossed!

The mechanism is simple, but remember what the pros’ often say – like Charles Gauci – simple is better. Additionally it totally fry’s the layman. There minds just don’t think about things, same with double face or double back cards – simplicity is brilliant.

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