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If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping card effect that is priced right— we found it for you! The performer removes a deck of cards and spreads them face-up. The magician then takes his finger and scans back and forth over the face-up cards asking a spectator to say stop on any card—totally free choice. The spectator obliges, and that card is removed and can (if desired mark the card).

The marked cards are returned to the deck and then the deck is cut out of sequence several times and even shuffled with some cards upside down and others right side up. This sequence of mixing up the cards upside-down, and right-side up continues as desired such that there is no doubt the cards are not only mixed up in both sequence but also mixed up with respect to face-up and face-down cards.

The cards are then fanned out to visually illustrate the mix proving some are right-side up and others are upside-down. Next the magician makes a magical pass over the deck and then spreads them out on the table again. Now magically, all the cards have restored in the same order—all of them are face-up! Save for “one” card that remains face-down.

That one card is removed from the deck, and when turned over is proven to be the chosen card by the spectator with the actual marking on that card confirmed! Comes with the deck and on-line access to performance and explanation.

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