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Stevens Magic agrees 100% that only the original Mirage® 3-D Hologram has the absolute highest quality optics! Go big or go home! 

“In our 43 plus years as a brick-n-mortar business I can say with absolute assurance there has been no greater ice-breaker, no better magic effect nor promotional stunt that has and continues to have a powerful impact on our customers than The Mirage® 3-D Hologram Maker.  Even more amazing, day-after-day I remain shocked bearing witness to new giggles and screams when individuals encounter this product.  This product has taught me A LOT about entertainment.  1. If you find something good stick with it. 2. Never assume that your audience has already seen something.  I can’t providing anything in words stronger than what I have witnessed over 43 years!  Simply put this is a must have item and MAKE sure you ONLY Purchase THIS BRAND!  Trust us, there is a HUGE difference between this original compared to copies.”  – Mark Stevens – Stevens Magic Emporium 

The Mirage® 3-D Hologram Maker is a source of “instant magic.” Professional and amateur magicians alike have been Mirage® enthusiasts since the first day we introduced it in 1977. The famous Magic Castle in Hollywood reviewed the Mirage® at that time in its Genie magazine, and gave it a top 4-star rating. Magic buff Vice-President, George H. W. Bush, bought one in Al’s Magic Shop in DC, and gave it to Ronald Reagan in 1989 (see article). Although Mirage® is not to be confused with a magic “trick,” it nonetheless is an ongoing source of wonder and amazement to those who see it. Be a Wizard. Buy a Mirage®!

In the simplest terms an optical Illusion is anything that fools one’s eyes and mind into a false perception of reality. There are different types of optical Illusions, most of which are based upon precise drawings, photographs, or unusual solid objects. Additionally there is an entire technology we know as holograms, which are film-based illusions. And then there is Mirage®.

Mirage® differs from all other kinds of optical Illusions in that the image produced is without question identical to a solid object but that object can be changed in just seconds without any technical training whatever. The secret to the Mirage technology is its creation of what is called in optics a “real image.” Such images are perceived by the viewer to exist in three-dimensional space, as contrasted with a “virtual image” that we see when looking into a conventional mirror. Mirage® uses two opposed parabolic mirrors of a patented design to create its magic, and offers the most compelling optical Illusion of any technology existing today.

As you can see from the adjacent samples of different types of optical illusions they vary, however none begins to approach the sheer magic and reality of the Mirage® technology. Because the best that your computer screen can do is to approximate the 3D look of the Mirage® image, it can never be fully appreciated unless actually experienced in person. We hope that you will order one and see for yourself.

The marvels of this nine inch diameter device are numerous:

  • It is powered by ambient light
  • No film is necessary
  • Objects are rendered in full, natural color
  • Objects may be easily changed
  • Objects display lifelike, 3-D appearance
  • Viewable from 360 degrees
  • No skill or training needed to operate it

The Desktop Mirage Dimensions are:

  • Diameter 9″
  • Opening 2″
  • Height 3″
  • Weight 1 lb

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