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If you liked the Svengali deck – you will FLIP over the Mirage Deck!  Considered to be one of the most unknown decks in magic- though it’s been around for MANY years!  It’s the sleeper deck that will kick you in the pants when you get it! You’ll say “Why Didn’t I Know About This Already!”  If you already are familiar with The Mirage Deck you will know why it is a must have and I bet a lot of you will order one – just because you can’t find yours! HA!  This deck has a extra secret special applications, which allows you to be able to fan the cards face up – PRIOR – to performing the effect!  Try doing that with a Svengali Deck.

No Sleight Of Hand Required! An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a any of the easy to do miracles possible with the Svengali Deck however it also allows you to fan the deck of cards to show all of the cards are different.


  • Immediately knowing what card a spectator selects.
  • compelling the spectator to cut to their own selection under the fairest conditions.
  • instantly changing the whole deck to the selected card.
  • And many other miracles.

Includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician – DARYL giving you all the details!

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