Mirage Floating and Vanishing Table by Losander


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It is not often professionals offer there signature crown-jewel to the art.  One thing is for sure – if you know anything about floating tables there is only one name – LOSANDER!  No one has devoted themselves to this incredible illusion more than Dirk.

Losander created the floating table 35 years ago. Right from the start he was imagining that the table would vanish at the end. After 20 years of trial and error, he created the Mirage table. This table functions and  performs like all the other tables. No restriction of the original routine. But after the table has landed you cover up the table under full view, without switching or changing anything on the table. Then you lift the table of the ground and rip the cloth away and the table has completely vanished. The beautiful part is Losander has created this illusion so you can perform it under almost any conditions even surrounded. He did over 1500 shows with the table you see in the video and the table still looks like new. Every table is build by Losander himself and signed and tested. It takes 3 weeks to build this table from start to finish.

The table comes with everything you need to perform the illusion. Not only that you get an amazing prop which also comes with hands on teaching included in the price. Every table comes with a lifelong support and if anything goes wrong Losander will exchange broken parts for free. This ultimate mirage floating table is a must have for everyone who wants to have a unforgettable ending in there show.

Includes 2 days teaching.

Please allow a fabrication time of approx. 3-4 weeks.  

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