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Fun True Fact:  Mark Stevens came up with the name for this Mikame Effect in Nagoya, Japan at the UGM Convention in the early 2000.  Mikame showed it to us at that show and asked what he thinks the name should be.  Mark replied – MIRRORACLE!  There was no question Mikame was a great craftsman of quality wood apparatus.  We knew him personally and when he started producing again featured his products exclusively in the States.  We would meet with him every few years in Japan.  In many cases he made substantial improvements with resepect to their design.  Unfortunately, Mikame (to my knowledge), never credited previous innovators and crafters of the pieces he replicated.  In some cases such details may be disputable, or even difficult to determine.  But in the majority of cases this was not the case and his legacy would of been stronger had he made some efforts to do so. 

A Silk IN Mirror with Mikame Craft’s Workmanship Visual Penetration to the MAX – SUPER HIGH QUALITY! INSTANT Collectors piece of magic! The mirror frame rests in a wooden base unit for easy performance. Truly a well thought out piece of workmanship and very clever apparatus. Walk over to the standing mirror in a wooden base and clean it off with a silk. You notice a dirt mark in the mirror and explain it must be a really deep stain in the glass mirror. Slowly you push the silk INTO the center of the mirror!! The silk is IN the mirror and hanging downward. Give the silk a push and it slowly MELTS into the mirror! Take a step back so everyone can clearly view this miracle. The continues to melt right INTO the mirror itself to 1/4 of its size!! Measures 11.5″ wide by 13.5″ Tall

Mikame and Mark Stevens Nagowa Japan

Mikame & Mark Stevens – Nagoya Japan

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