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Bill Trotter Magic

Dave Pavlov is a skilled creator when it comes to diabolical methods, design and construction of magic props. This is hands down the absolute best mirror penetration ever made. It fools every magician I’ve ever shown it to. In fact, when it was first advertised for sale, a number of very well versed magicians/collectors could not even begin to figure out how this could possibly work based on the photos in the ads. The frame was just too damn thin.

It’s ingenious. A true mechanical masterpiece. Basically, a thin framed mirror is displayed cleanly on both sides. It’s tapped and shown solid. It is. From the bottom edge of the frame are two thin brackets, but the mirror is clearly visible on all sides and well above and below.

Two rounded “traps” are displayed which consist of a thin metal frame with cloth on the inside. One of the traps is attached to the front bracket….and the cloth is pulled aside to show the mirror still in place beneath. The frame is turned around and the second trap is attached to the back. All looks completely fair.

Despite this, the performer (or even a spectator!) then pushes their hand, a silk, a dove, cell phone, bottle, whatever, right through the traps from the back and out the front! The traps are removed and the mirror once again shown completely intact. You’ll love the method. It’s unlike any other mirror penetration on the market. Completely self-contained.

Magicians familiar with other methods WILL notice how thin the outer frame is. There’s nowhere for the glass to slide. The great Johnny Thompson visited here a few years back and had never seen the mirror. He was fooled completely and loved the method.

This is the extremely rare 17″ version which is perfect for parlor or stage work and makes the hand penetration much easier than with the smaller model. Although both are now very difficult to obtain, the large one was made in very limited quantities.

Effect: This is a thin-framed mirror penetration. Imagine the overwhelming shock when your own hand or small rabbit or dove or Barbie doll penetrates a double sided, solid glass mirror. Glass mirrors (one on each side) are pressure fused to a Medex substrate. Won’t scratch or yellow like other “fat framed” acrylic versions. Insures endurance for decades to come. Stand included, but no way necessary for performance. Effective from even one foot away. Knowledgeable magicians have held prop without detecting clever method.

Review: Andy Martin

Expertly Crafted and Amazing

So I have been looking for one of these bad boys for some years now and I’m pleased to finally have tracked one down. What a beautifully made piece of magic and what a clever method. Dave Pavlov really has created some amazing magic but sadly he is currently not making this or any other item as far as I know. This really is as close to real magic as you are likely to get. To do this justice you do need to spend time practicing this in a mirror to get the moves smooth – they are not difficult but it does require practice to get the timing correct.

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