Miscellaneous Miracle – Pete Biro #8 (Book)


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Miscellaneous miracles, here Pete releases his latest in his series of so far – eight book and just as his previous one’s, this will do very well. It’s a 24 page booklet with great photos and images as well as routines and illustrations. I think the book is strong because it involves several ideas for parlor or stage. Some of the items included are:

•Card in Rat Trap
•One Piece Diminishing Cards
•Ring Crusher
•Billion Dollar Bill Switch
•Francis Carlyle’s Copper to Silver Plus Endless Chain Finish

  • Snowstorm in Glendale
  • Don Alan’s Bill in Orange
  • It’s just invisible
  • Back Words

Pete is prolific in his thinking and has a tremendous working knowledge of the art which he shares in all of his books. Do a search for Pete Biro to find all his books available at Stevens Magic, as well as products.



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