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Bob Solari has a top seller at Stevens Magic for many reasons and one that we have received a lot of positive feedback from – is finally available again – with a new look! Misers Mircale. Don’t miss out on this terrific prop that enables you to perform a great Miser’s Dream Routine. It’s no wonder this is a timeless classic, as the dream of creating money from thin air is and always will be a “Miser’s” Dream. As is often the case, we at Stevens Magic, had to play with this item, in order to realize it’s a winner and the price if PERFECT!

Performer holds a “stainless steel cup” in one hand and reaches into the air with the other hand and plucks a half dollar out of thin air! (You know the routine.) The half dollar is dropped into the cup and produces an audible “cling!” This action is repeated many times until the performer makes another upward motion with the cup only “this time.” A single JUMBO half dollar coin jumps out of the cup into the air and the previously produced half dollars have now changed into the JUMBO half.

  • Easy to pack.
  • Nothing to break.
  • Always ready to perform.
  • No setup needed.
  • Perfect for any type of show, especially birthday parties! (Don’t miss out on this one, as it’s a sleeper in the catalog!)
  • A very clever gimmick! The “Miser’s Dream” is a classic that never grows old…

Supplied with a stainless steel mini coin pail, a giant size half dollar coin 3″ in diameter and a normal half dollar incorporated into a special gimmick. The illustrated instruction sheet explains the routine and walks the performer through the two ‘moves’ involved in working the effect.

  • Performer ends clean.
  • Simple to do.
  • The gimmick does the work.
  • No sleight of hand.
  • Learn in minutes.
  • Can be performed close-up or on stage.
  • Used by professionals world wide.
  • Over 15,000 Sold!

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