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Limin is the most creative magic artist and the best effect designer in Taiwan. For the first time Limin shares his particular ideas to you. In this DVD, you will lean 5 visual effects, and every DVD comes with all props you need.

You will learn:

Two cards, one penetrates through the other in front of the very eyes of audience, without any suspicious cover!!
Phantom Bil
l With one normal bill and one business card, all borrowed from the audience. Without any cover, the business card will penetrate from the back of the folded bill to the middle, and then pass through the bill directly!
Take out two cards, and borrow one coin from the audience. Put the coin between the cards. The coin will disappear immediately when one card covers it. Cover with the card again, the coin will reappear with the blink of an eye.
One normal toothpick, broken into two halves by the audience. With single hand, the broken toothpick will be restored instantly.
Borrow one bill and one coin from the audience, and wrap the coin with the bill step by step. The wrapping sequence is done very clearly. The last step, use a clip to prevent all the possible ways to get out the coin. But with one simple gesture, the coin will escape from the blockade and appear outside the bill.

“All I want is Limin’s Brain! Mix just made my jaw drop.”
– Red Tsai (The Champion of Close-up in FISM Asia 2011)

“Limin is one of my best friends, he is very creative and talented. I think Mix is truly eye-popping close-up illusion, sure to be a classic without a doubt!”
– Hanson Chien (Director of Mix, Creator of 2011’s hit “Touch”)

“It’s just like the CG effect happening in front of my eyes.”
– Hondo (CEO of Magic Soul, Creator of Cobra Kiss & Intuition)
Japanese Subtitles Available

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 30mins


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