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Condition: NEW – Original Mikame.

Pure quality sets this apart from all other versions of this classic! A wide tape moves between two rollers arranged on upper and lower axis. Two knobs are used for turning the rollers. Feed dollar-bill-sized slips of blank white paper into one side of the rollers, and REAL dollar-bills come out the other side. Borrow a dollar from a spectator, run it through the money printer and a blank piece of paper appears. Apologize, and hand the paper back to the spectator. Will work with foreign money!

Insert a blank piece of paper, turn the knob, and a dollar slips out the other side. Now borrow a dollar from the audience, insert it into the printer, and a five dollar-bill falls out.
Put in the five, and a ten dollar-bill comes out. Now , take the piece of paper from the audience member whose dollar you have already changed, insert it into the printer and his dollar appears at the other side.

Comes with original blue and white box and English instructions. 

Coupons are not applicable and even if they are applied upon checkout, we can’t honor it per our agreement with the owner of this estate.  Certified authentic by Bill Trotter.

Bill Trotter Magic

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