Money Making Methods Book Two by Blair Robertson – Razanno Estate


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The is some marring on the front and back cover, and wrinkling of pages.

This is part of a Money Making Methods series.  This is a booklet is difficult to find,  It is on the topic of making money, working in various venues as a psychic medium.

A fact is a fact and one fact is that Blair Robertson products sell for a significant premium.  My advisor Randall Schostag was the first one to tip me to this fact several years back when he provided me a large amount of his material to sell for “his” estate.  Many of these were DVD’s and I said to Randall – “Randy, these DVD’s don’t sell anymore – nobody wants DVD’s at even the half the price.”  Randall replied – Actually I bet you will sell these for a premium!” I was afraid to tell Randall what I really thought but he advised me as to how to price them, and did I get schooled by him!  They SOLD Fast at a substantial premium just like Randall told me!  I love that story because here I was supposed to be the “expert” and the ole’ man kicked by butt and was right! 

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