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SME EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT – VERY IMPORTANT: Pre-Order ITEM – The Estimated Arrival of these products is the end of December 2022.  This is longer than we like to pre-sale an item, but we were promised a portion of our original purchase order to be shipped by the end of Dec. We know exactly what that paired down number per unit will be for us.  After those units are sold, the reaming shipment are scheduled to follow in January.  This means we will at first have 0nly a Limited Supply – First Come – First Serve!  Those units will not ship until around Dec. 24th we are told  The other bulk of our orders will follow in January.  If at the time of your order it does not indicate the item is in back order status that means you are locked in for the first shipment.  If it does state the item is now in back order status, you are at least confirmed earlier on that 2nd shipment.  This item is not eligible for the coupon codes – sorry.

Who doesn’t love money – Right?  If only we had “real” magic and could guess the exact amount of bank notes inside the chair at casino’s and contests!  Well – until that is possible – here is the NEXT Best thing!

An updated version of Candy Prediction. It consists of an eye-catching jar filled with banknotes. The audience must try to guess how much money is in the jar.

This is the challenge: whoever guesses correctly, will get the pot. Everyone wants to play, but unfortunately no one can guess the exact amount of money. At this moment, the magician shows a written prediction that has been prominently displayed in an envelope all along.

It not only predicts that no one will guess correctly, but it also predicts who will come closest to the correct amount (giving an accurate physical description of that person), and it also predicts by how many dollars they will fail.

This prediction is really handwritten by the magician and can be in the hands of the spectators since the beginning of the show.

Key points:

  • Really easy to make and ready to use!
  • The jar is always in sight, no one goes near it and nothing goes in or out.
  • Spectators have TOTAL freedom to name any number they want.
  • The number is generated in real time by the public and it can change its mind.
  • The number appears on a folded sheet of paper inside the jar.
  • The number can be printed in capital letters or handwritten with a marker pen.
  • You can make not only numbers appear, but also words, texts and even images!
  • You can run it with a wizard or SOLO.
  • Explanatory video in French available when the product is released.
  • Perform this routine on stage for adults, in children’s magic shows or even via Zoom! The audience will participate from their seats.

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