Money Press – Tony Lackner

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Original Unit – We Don’t Think It’s Been Used! Based on examination and number of sheets of blank paper provided in the box. EXCELLENT CONDITION!

From Harold Voit and as featured in the Ken Brooke Magic Range. Probably the most visual and mind bending money machine every made. Tony Lackner deserved a “creative genius” award for the mechanics and eye-trickery involved in the creation fo this superbly made machine. Crafted from metal with a chrome finish, and a protective rubber base, the Money Machine is in principle a copy of the old flat bed roller method of printing a note from a blank piece of paper. That is, where the comparison ends!

This takes 10 seconds to set, looks like a quality prop and is 100% surefire.

Effect: A Pound or Dollar note is borrowed and placed onto the Money Machine. You tell the spectators to take some ‘fluid’ from this note, by rolling over it. Than you give it back and take a blank piece of paper which is now placed onto the Money Machine and bit by bit, it visually becomes a Pound or Dollar note, which can be examined … when the ink has dried.

Every magician is asked to ‘make’ money. With the Money Machine you really can! You can use every note, which fits in the machine (and we haven’t found any that don’t work)!

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