Moo-ooM Milk AKA The Aerostatic Milk Bottle


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The amazing anti-gravity effect from the golden past! Often called the – Hydrostatic Bottle. We at SME love this model because it’s modern and contemporary.  This total package is the best version of the effect we have ever seen.  Check out more info:

• Excellent for all audiences.

• Milk bottle is pure glass.

• Pure magic and entertainment.

• Fools everyone.

• Self-working.

• Top quality.

• Great for science exhibits.

• Top quality, real glass milk bottle.

Performer shows a full pitcher of milk. They then pour a full bottle of milk into the milk bottle. Places a card over the top of the milk bottle and turns the milk bottle completely over.

Removes the card and the magic starts.

Viola, the milk does NOT pour! The performer asks the audience to call out the magic orders, “Moo-ooM” and at this command the milk bottle empties out completely!

Limited quantities available. Comes complete with a bottle of OOM (Milk Magic), milk bottle, pitcher, detailed instructions and routine.


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