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Terri Rogers is now well established as one of the most creative inventors of original magical effects. Her effects are ingenious but well within the capabilities of the average performer. More Secrets contains over twenty routines for stage and closeup, entertaining effects of a high calibre, made possible thru some extremely clever methods.

Over twenty ideas and tricks covering cards, rope and mentalism often using a topological method. Terri is a great lateral thinker. Enjoy her creations.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Sum Sum
  4. Rope Disaster Of 1984
  5. Always In The Middle
  6. Ring In Egg Timer
  7. The Echo Count
  8. Mouse-Fish-Teers
  9. Hummerous Phoney Telepathy
  10. The Spirit Moves
  11. Off Key Magic
  12. Jiggery Pokery
  13. False Witness
  14. Kidnapped
  15. Grab Gamble
  16. Squaring
  17. Multable
  18. Try This
  19. In Closing

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