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SME Field Tested and APPROVED! A great variation of a classic coin effect only done with something everyone recognizes worldwide – Oreo’s!

The best selling cookie in the world – OREO. This explains why tricks with Oreo are so popular, especially “Bite and Restored Oreo”. Now you have a new choice – MOREO.

EFFECT: “MOREO” can be performed with real Oreos. Take out an Oreo from a brand new package, and you slowly stretch it into a strange looking shape, then break it into half as well as share them to your spectators. Besides, MOREO can not only allow you to stretch the cookie, but can break it into two whole ones during the process of stretching. Present the comical and visual effect of multiplying cookies.

MOREO is a VISUAL, FUN, and sweet effect for everyone! You must have a taste of it!

What’s included in the box:

  • A stretched cookie
  • A simulated cookie
  • Online instructions

Verified by Stevens Magic! Manufactured with the highest quality materials and built to last.

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